Connecting the hockey world

I help small hockey businesses 

10+ Years

Working in the hockey industry

Throughout the 10 years, I have experiences working in / with the following...

  • Pro Shops
  • USA Hockey youth coach
  • USA Hockey official
  • Exposing brands through Beer Leage Tribune
  • Advising other small hockey businesses

Of course it goes without sayin, I still play this amazing game!

Connections all over the world

30+ Hockey Businesses

Connectitons into some of the fastest growing brands.

I have connecitons into helping grow and expose some of the fastest growing small companies. In addition to helping companies such as Womens College Hockey Recruiting, and Goalies Inc., I own my own hockey businesses and brands too.

I have profiled some of hockey's "biggest" small hockey brands such as ButtEndz, Violent Gentlemen, JRZ, Stark, Bladetech, and many more

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